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On Demand Regional Video Archive

1 -  Pottery with Bev Pemberton
2 -  Williams Lake in Solidarity
3 -  Thunder Mtn Speedway - Banquet
4 -  Amnesty International - Prosperity
5 -  Jackie Ausin - Zone 4

Rick Hansen's Anniversary Special

Join wlctv for interviews and reactions  with  home town hero Rick Hansen and the players behind the scene.  

Science World "On the Road"
1 - Science World was in the Region 
Join wlctv in the "Celebrations"
2 - BC Lions,  with Scott  Ackles

Community Legends
1 -   Muscian Calvin Vollrath
2 -  Science World 2012
3 -  WL Metis Association
4 -  Advisory Planning Commission
5 -  Pioneer Betty Frank

Regional and Provincial Politics
Join CRD chair Al Richmond and Ministers  Ida Chong, Pat Bell, Steve Thomson and Mary McNeil  and get a different perspective on politics.

Three great stories keep you smilling

1 - Tom Bar Retires in 2011
2 - Can unions help low income earners Interview with  USW,s  Paul French
3 - Live @ from Gecko Tree.  

Don Alder Special
Don Alder came to town and helped raise over 3500.00 for the Station House.  Here's Don,  interviewed by Gary Grosso.

Weekly  show  "Road Trip"

1 - Fundraising for the SPCA
2 - Innovative new business  idea!
3 -  Lucky J Creations Art Work
4 -Quensel  politics with Ron Paul & Mayor Mary Sjostrom

Colin James at the Gibraltar Room
1 - In depth interview with  talented muisican, Mr.Colin James

Occupy Vancouver "Uncensored"
1 -  wlctv.ca joined the movement for a day to bring you the "Peoples Message"

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