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Ever wanted to be a camera person(shooter), reporter, producer or editor?  This is your chance to learn some of the tricks of the trade. So if you think your interests or perspective on life are absent from the mainstream we have one response.  "Make your own show and get your voice heard!"
Individuals, groups, NGO's can book a time slot to broadcast their independent productions.
For more information contact us at rick@kvpn.ca 

A few Tips

First thing, get a camera and a computer.  There are tons and tons of  "open source"  editing software freely available on the internet.  In Canada alone there are 2.5 computers in every home.
I'm sure you have the computer part covered.
Come out and join us on some shoots.  Videographers, can be quite  spontaneous, so you can get a call anytime.

If you find this to be a bit to much, we can always get you in touch  with those around town with
the equipment to help you in creating your own Masterpiece.

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