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Bob Simpson  MLA - Cariboo North   I like what your doing and the way that your presenting it!

Judy O'Neil - Executive Director - WLCBIA  Why doesn't wlctv.ca separate the stories like Utube?

In short, we're not YouTube, Shaw, Global etc.  WLCTV.CA's vision is not to be assimilated in
the global melting pot.
Our community and region are special, hence why we've created a place to call home on the web.  
Additionally, 99% of the content and the computer programming is all done on volunteer time Separating stories, would only increase our work load,  giving you, the viewer less content.

Nov 8th 2011 - John Tate Sales Manager Heartland Toyota

We need more Community programming and involvment - Great job!  wlctv.ca keep it up.

Oct 18th 2011 - Ken Roberts www.acrosscontinents.org   (UK)

And thats where I met Rick, journalists from the local independent community web tv station www.wlctv.ca  And if I were interested in doing a camera peice?  Yes, of course, delitghted I said
You can see the resultant piece by clicking....

Nov 1st 2011 - Jordan Bateman - Canadian TaxPayers Federation - Vancouver BC

I have to hand it to Williams Lake, for a community of 11,000 people, their citizens are leaders in online engagement.  Theres the work of Rick Roy with his independent Williams Lake community television website www.wlctv.ca 

Sept. 20th 2011 - Marie Nagel - Artist - Victoria BC

Thank you very much wlctv.ca!

August 2011 - Ron Young from earthRight solar @ www.solareagle.com

Finally!  Quality online community regional programming on the internet.

Sept 2011 - wlctv.ca fact

wlctv.ca has viewers tuning in from over 90 Cities  in 11 different countries.

Nov 6,  2011  CJMP Powell River BC

Two of  our feature stories from the Occupy Movement  were featured on CJMP Radio and via

Nov 1st 2011 - wlctv.ca fact

Since wlctv's launch date June 29th, 2011 until Nov 1st, 2011 wlctv.ca has created over 20 hours
of quality community regional programming. In TV land, that's alot!

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