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                                                                  Viewer Tips

Computers are less than perfect and similar to a car,  we must fine tune them in order to
perform.  Heres a brief list of "things to do" in order to view wlctv.ca's half hour  weekly newsmagzaine show. (popcorn not included)

1)  Make sure you clear the cache everytime you restart your browser.  This is easily done
automaticly in the browser settings.  In Internet Explorer, first select "Tools" then select
"internet options"  under the General tab,  select  " delete temporary files, history, cookies and web information"

Wlctv.ca recommends your browser cache/temporary files be increased to 1024 megabytes

3) In your browser setting check where it says " always check for new versions of pages"  
We regularly update wlctv's site and in order for you to view the new content, this must be enabled.

4) Make sure your computer has plenty of free disc space.  Computers with no free disc space will not
perform at they should.  They will be slow and bogged down.

5)  If you have a very very slow internet connection such as I do, press play, then go out and feed the
chickens, milk the cow or do dishes.. once your chores are done the file should be downloaded and
 play flawlessly.

6) wlctv.ca web page design is created  in the resolution of 1360x768 in a 4:3 format.  There are 100's of combinations one can create web content in. We selected this resolution as it was the most common at the time of our launch in June of 2011..

7) If your computer is very very old, lets say 10 years old.  Theres a good chance due to high file compression, your computer cpu will not be able to handle the conversion.  It is time to upgrade to a new computer.

8) All browsers have the previous mentioned settings and built in help files to assist you to
modify your browser so it works efficiently.  Don't be afraid to make your selections, you
cannot break anything.

That's all I can think of for now, thanks for your time and I hope this was helpful.  If you have any questions, we are here to help, send me an email rick@kvpn.ca

Rick Roy
wlctv.ca program coordinator 

                                                                                                                    Williams Lake Community Television Copyright 2011