Life Chain An Event For The Voiceless

Life Chain is an annual day of public awareness to bring attention to the children Killed by abortion. The event takes places in some 300+ locations across Canada on the 1st Sunday in October. In Canada, some 90+k abortions are occurring each year. Some years less. caught up with grandfather Phil who is grateful with every breath as he speaks passionately on ‘saving lives’ .. a the subject that’s regarded in some circles as, taboo.

Bellevue Park Historical Footage – ’91

Coming to the big city of the Sault, Bellevue Park for many children was the highlight of their journey. Every child quickly grew fond of it which was forever etched in their memories. C’mon kids, you all remember conducting the Algoma Steel 67 train! Both kids & adults learned some of life’s most important lessons in the park with ‘hands on’ experiences on how to respect nature & to become good stewards.

East Meets West Convoy – It’s A Go! caught up with a contingent expressing some of their concerns, sharing their views as to why they picked up where 2022 left off. For starters, Sept. 2023, British Columbia officials through mandates began to spread fear & tyranny on citizens. Unelected world bodies are dictating over sovereign nations with blessings from elected Canadian officials. None of which Canadians support. In short, the Canada Meets West Convoy will likely be one of the biggest brainstorming in person ‘think tank’ sessions, Canada has ever seen.

Kiwanis Club Of SSM – Nearly 100yrs Of Community Service spent two mornings with the Kiwanis at the Sugar Shack enjoying the most delicious all you can eat pancake & sausage breakfast in the district. We spoke with outgoing President Jim St Jules on the importance of this fundraiser & for quick a club update. Kiwanis funds raised locally all stay local. These funds are then redirected to support various kids projects throughout the community.

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Algoma Sailing Club sets record fleet for 2023

The local sailing club is moored in one of Sault Ste Marie’s most pristine locations, south of Bellevue park. community volunteer, Pamela Potts made her way down to explore the facilities bringing you this fun & informative interview with long-time club member, Jack Rice.

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Dust in the wind

After the dust settled, asked SSM coordinator for this portion of 1MillionMarch4Children several questions. We also reached out to city councillor Caputo who stood against parents & counter protester Francella for comments but was turned down by both activists.

Million Person March 4 The Children A Sault Success

Concerned Sault citizens of all denominations took part in today’s March for the Children. It was peaceful despite the presence of counter protesters who were at the end of the march to agitate & inflame. The local police detachment did a wonderful job in keeping the peace with help from OPP officers from throughout the district. All in all this was a great day, thank you to all. *This clip purposely excludes counter protesters because the march wasn’t about them, it was about protecting children. A comprehensive story will be posted in the near future.

The Phat Bastidz

The Sault music scene is something to behold with talent that is often unrecognized. The Phat Bastidz are such a group that give more often than they receive. caught up with band members Letitia & Roger during a rehersal which left us both humbled & inspired.

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Million Person March comes to the Sault

Interviews – Local organizers from different faiths will come together on Sept. 20th, 2023 in support of the children who’ve been under constant sexual psychological attacks. These immoral agendas are promoted everywhere & being driven by a handful who are capitalizing on exploiting children at the demise of the family. Recently exposed are 130 union reps from across Canada who held zoom meetings to rally the troops to counter protest, disrupt & sow division.

Look who was in town on July 27th

Pierre Poilievre has been touring Canada with vigor, planting seeds of change. Pierre anticipates his Conservative party will replace a minority NDP/Liberal coalition with a whopping majority to change Canada’s downward spiral into poverty. We’re all one paycheck away from being homeless in 2023 brought on by ‘global’ initiatives that do not protect sovereign nations but rather tears them down. These are multifaceted attacks which are not inherent to Canada but are also affecting nations world wide.

From our documentary – Drugs/Alcohol Leading To Criminality & Violence

Psychologist Dr. Charles Crawford & professor Of criminology Neil Boyd with insightful perspectives on media & their effects on the human psyche.